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[PSION] Gorn muses: Last I spoke with Darion he said he would look into a
        process of applying combative oils to bladed weapons.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Darion? Or the alchies?
[PSION] Gorn ponders the situation.
[PSION] Gorn muses: The alchemists..
[PSION] Rosuav nods
[PSION] Gorn muses: THough unless memory fails Darion is an alchemist.
[PSION] Rosuav chuckles at Gorn
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Uhh, I think your memory is failing you. Darion's a
[PSION] Gorn muses: Perhaps I should vacate the sands so I might recollect my
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Let's see. You don't mean Duradin, he's a bard.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Do you mean Doron?
[PSION] Gorn muses: Yes.. Doron.
[PSION] Gorn places his face in his open palm despairingly.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Alright! Now we're getting somewhere. This is why we
        have a guild, folks - all of us is smarter than any one of us.
[PSION] Gorn muses: By the black sands how did I confuse the two..
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Similar names. It happens.