Quick find:

Aristotle [court] look at the email I got today
Aristotle [court]
     I am XXXXXXXXXX and I know you all don't care, when I say this, but I
     quit your game, for a couple of facts.
     YYYYYYYYYY killed me for some stupid reasons, ZZZZZZZZZ said I
     her, and I didn't.
     She told YYYYYYYYYY and he just murdered me.
     If you all allow this on your game, then I am done with it. I am sure
     that you all wouldn't care about this, but I just wantedf you all to
     know that this isn't right.
     It shouldn't be like that at all whatsoever. I fucking YYYYYYYYYY
     a person that's a champion's belt and he's what? a fucking banquisher
     I am sorry.
     I did love your game, but time for me to go.
Aristotle [court]
     > wear belt
     You equip Banquisher Belt.
     Like a boss.
Aristotle [court] that mail....... wow
Aristotle [court] I love how I "allowed" it
Dornel [court] That should totally be an item in the next Kleiborn
Feric [court] That should be the belt given to everyone who gets banned
     from a guild
Aristotle [court] I understand being mad when you feel like you got fucked
     in a PK, but I "allowed" it :P