Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Yelena: did anyone call 911 as a Amaelia for funsies...I hate
-{Citizen}- Zezyn: Wat
-{Citizen}- Yelena: Haha..I have her nicknamed
-{Citizen}- Yelena: KIDS call 911 for funsies..I hate them
-{Citizen}- Aylana: how is that for funsies?
-{Citizen}- Shadir: How else do you expect Prince Albert to get out of that
-{Citizen}- Yelena: They are jerks..I had a Amaelia just tell me I was a
            bitch and hung up
Yelena says, "LOL..ok that nickname has to go"
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Is Amaelia the new Brynnafidska?
-{Citizen}- Yelena: that nickname has to go