Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Marah: I want everyone to know that Achtius is the most quiet,
            introverted person I've ever met. Barely knew he was here.
-{Citizen}- Marah snickers
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: hurkle and Sans were like that, at least until they
            had a few cons under their belts.
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: Then they started coming out.
-{Citizen}- Marah: God help us if he comes out anymore. I think that would
            involve dropping trou
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: Give Achtius a couple more cons and a few more drinks
            and he'll be just fine.
-{Citizen}- Morvinia winks at Achtius
-{Citizen}- Isaviel: wait...
-{Citizen}- Isaviel: achtius is quiet????
-{Citizen}- Marah: Yep.
-{Citizen}- Isaviel boggles at the concept
-{Citizen}- Marah: Extremely.
-{Citizen}- Isaviel: he certain isn't IC
-{Citizen}- Isaviel sticks her tongue out at Achtius
-{Citizen}- Marah: I think he is just really shy IRL.
-{Citizen}- Isaviel: how cute
-{Citizen}- Kashata: that IS cute
-{Citizen}- Kashata: Ill cuddle him as soon as possible
-{Citizen}- Kashata bonks Marah on the head.
-{Citizen}- Morvinia giggles
-{Citizen}- Morvinia bonks Kashata on the head.
-{Citizen}- Marah: Yea, he is so mousy and everything. He doesn't really
            have a wife either. He made all that up. Don't believe anything
            Dal or Ari says either. Especially about his kid or anything,
            all lies.
-{Citizen}- Marah: ...and he never wrestles the computer away and talks
            about himself. This is REALLY Marah now. Grrrrrrrr.
-{Citizen}- Morvinia giggles
-{Citizen}- Marah: The five people huddled around this laptop bet that you
            are all baffled atm
-{Citizen}- Rosuav agrees wholeheartedly.
-{Citizen}- Morvinia pokes Marah in the tummy
-{Citizen}- Morvinia pokes the other five people around her too
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: Where are the cookies? Any left? Did you save me any?
-{Citizen}- Marah: and Morvi, no. No cookies left. Achtius ate the last
            one. Greedy SOB
-{Citizen}- Morvinia sniffles
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: They ate all the ones I had here too.
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: So who are the five people around you/
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: Rosuav, Achtius...
-{Citizen}- Marah: I have Rosuav, Rosuav's brother, Achtius and Achtius'
            wife. And an imaginary fifth person
-{Citizen}- Zana: well at least the imaginary 5th person garauntees 100%
            deniability...so I applaud that idea.
-{Citizen}- Morvinia waves at the brother and wife.
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: I'd say screw the imaginary fifth person, but
            Sanskrista is here for that, so no need.