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Abdalan [trivia] I have invented a new food genre, heretical fusion, where
     you take a religiously associated dish and mate it with it's forbidden
     meat products
[trivia] Rosuav chuckles
Rosuav [trivia] Does that include cooking a young goat in its mother's
Abdalan [trivia] It very well might
Abdalan [trivia] though technically that doesn't qualify
Rosuav [trivia] (Expressly forbidden in Judaic law.)
Abdalan [trivia] That would just be heretical, not fusion
Abdalan [trivia] Tonight I am adding beef to some indian food
Rosuav [trivia] Yeah, but that's what your statement made me think of
Rosuav [trivia] What's classic Jewish food to which you could add pork?
Abdalan [trivia] I haven't dug that deep yet, but I imagine that matza ball
     lobster bisque would be good
Rosuav [trivia] Mmmm. No idea what it is, but it has lobster, it can't be
Abdalan [trivia] I know what foods are banned what I don't have is a good
     grounding in what foods are traditionally associated with those
Rosuav [trivia] Yeah. It's easy to find the banned list.
Abdalan [trivia] i'm sure I could find a list of say "Kosher Cuisine" as
     well, I just haven't googled it yet
Abdalan [trivia] Only just got in from work