Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Tathar: later
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye: Be safe.
-{Citizen}- Grythael: And don't drink and drive, kids.
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye agrees wholeheartedly.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Alcohol and higher mathematics don't mix. Don't drink
            and derive.
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye snickers
-{Citizen}- Grythael sighs
-{Citizen}- Qenton serith
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye: Did you really just make that joke?
-{Citizen}- Grythael: This is me facepalming.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav nods at Grythael
-{Citizen}- Leveth: Heh.  I think repeating that joke to my wife just made
            her head explode
-{Citizen}- Kardrick: Lol, I just had to hit last citizen to see
            that....Soooo bad.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: That one is an old joke not-reworked. But I came across
            an old joke reworked recently, that improved on the original.
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye: It gets worse?
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye sighs
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: It's even nerdier, so I suspect you don't want it.
-{Citizen}- Keldorn: lol, it's almost as bad as the time we had nothing but
            bread puns on citizen
-{Citizen}- Liranae: Rosuav, you nearly made me snort the soup I'm eating
            with the don't drink and derive...
-{Citizen}- Rosuav grins at Liranae
-{Citizen}- Ysadri: That sounds painful
-{Citizen}- Keldorn: Nothing but bad puns involving bread and dough, etc
-{Citizen}- Rosuav slaps his forehead and exclaims, "Dough!"
-{Citizen}- Keldorn: Don't stop Rosuav he's on a roll!
-{Citizen}- Abdalan: This schtick is dead, tagit and baguette.
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye: Wtf? lol
-{Citizen}- Keldorn: Don't be sour, any way you slice it this is fun.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: I would love to keep going with this, but I knead to
            get some work done.
-{Citizen}- Abdalan: And I gotta go drop a loaf
-{Citizen}- Morvinia: Make sure you flush?
-{Citizen}- Keldorn: Oh well bread jokes get stale fast.
-{Citizen}- Kardrick: Uh-oh I fear something as gone a-rye
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye: I didnt think it possible... Now I know better.
-{Citizen}- Keldorn nudges Alumsaye
-{Citizen}- Keldorn: you mean you know BUTTER
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye raises her eyebrow.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Didn't think what possible? A bunch of half-baked
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye: Yes butter too.
-{Citizen}- Kardrick: C'mon! Let's roll!
-{Citizen}- Alumsaye rolls on the floor laughing
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: That one's already been done and dusted.
-{Citizen}- Leveth debates tuning citizen...
-{Citizen}- Ysadri: You knead better jokes.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav debakes tuning Leveth
-{Citizen}- Kardrick: Well that's crumb-y
-{Citizen}- Keldorn: lol, I would like to formally apologize to everyone
            for bringing it up.
-{Citizen}- Abdalan: Two girls walked into the store the other day to pick
            up some booze, they laughed when I asked for id the older one
            saying she was there with her daughter but I had to cardamom.