Quick find:

Rosuav [court] Dalaena, can you make an official statement on the subject
     of sound triggers, so I can datestamp it and put it into 1 please?
Dalaena [court] I can't make an official statement. I don't know what it is
Dalaena [court] What's the question even
Rosuav [court] Is it legal to set a trigger to play a sound when certain
     words/phrases appear in the spam?
Miromina [court] is it ok to have some sound alarm trickered by game text
Rosuav [court] I'm sure I remember some kind of official okay before I
     coded the feature into RM, but I can't find it now.
Sehven [court] like have it play a blood curdling scream everytime I see,
     "Rosuav enters."
Dalaena [court] If you want sound triggers to brighten your play
     environment or to RP, go for it.