Quick find:

Indarianna [trivia] `hp
Rosuav [trivia] Indarianna:    HP   [ -1/XXX ]     You have just been slain
     by Trivia.
Indarianna [trivia] Sorry I was fighting then.. did someone compare a woman
     to a peice of cheese?
Rosuav [trivia] We gatherd, Indar
Rosuav [trivia] (By the way, your surname isn't Jones, is it?)
Indarianna [trivia] No.. its Skywalker
Rosuav [trivia] Okay, so Indarianna Skywalker finds the Ark of the
     Covenant, fights off the Germans with her heavysaber, and uses the
     Duct Tape to escape?
Telven [trivia] on the Aluminum Falcon
[trivia] Rosuav nods at Telven
Indarianna [trivia] May the Hard-Leverage be with you
Rosuav [trivia] Indar, how long have you been on Thresh? I wonder is this
     the quickest anyone's managed to get themselves into 1....
Indarianna [trivia] One what? and not long
Mellisande [trivia] Oh, I like dried beef and squirt cheese sammiches.
Rosuav [trivia] "1" is my file of quotes
Rosuav [trivia] That's the file name. D:\eddie\Chris\1 - no extension.
Indarianna [trivia] Flattered, what quote?
Rosuav [trivia] This whole thing with Skywalker
Indarianna [trivia] Ahh.... the wholesome warm inner feel of geek humour
[trivia] Indarianna chuckles
[trivia] Rosuav agrees wholeheartedly.