Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Holy cow. I just blew up eggs all over my kitchen and
            set off the smoke alarm.
-{Citizen}- Vyrn: WOot
-{Citizen}- Dalaena blames the Bastites for the mess in her kitchen.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: Oh wow
-{Citizen}- Tariyan pat dalaena
-{Citizen}- Fynn: Have Bast egg them!
-{Citizen}- Rileska: How..did you do that?
-{Citizen}- Vyrn: You should be staying true to your roots and stick with
-{Citizen}- Gilgamar: How do you blow up an egg?
-{Citizen}- Cais: Umm.. how did you blow eggs up?
-{Citizen}- Rileska smacks Vyrn upside the head.
-{Citizen}- Fynn: Asians eat eggs too Vyrn
-{Citizen}- Maglock laughs
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Trying to get a few more lines of RP in while the eggs
            were boiling?
-{Citizen}- Cais: I've been a chef a looong time. I've never seen eggs blow
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: 20060110:
            -{Citizen}- Dalaena: My biggest kitchen misdemeanor was boiling
            eggs, though.
            -{Citizen}- Dalaena: You always mess up the easy stuff.
-{Citizen}- Vyrn grins
-{Citizen}- Vyrn: Rosuav, you are creepy
-{Citizen}- Rileska laughs
-{Citizen}- Rosuav grins
-{Citizen}- Krysaliss: Thank you for asking the question I was wanting to.
            Darn bugbear.
-{Citizen}- Krysaliss: How does one blow up an egg? I've seen it happen in
            a microwave once.
-{Citizen}- Lavumozar: you know your creepy if Vyrn thinks you are.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: I had a friend burn water once.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: But...I want to know how dal blew them up...
-{Citizen}- Krysaliss: I've done that. :( I thought my teapot whistled. It
            didn't. I forgot.
-{Citizen}- Rileska rolls on the floor laughing at Rosuav's comment!
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: -{Citizen}- Pae: I got to try that!
            -{Citizen}- Kyla: Yeah I'm curious now
            -{Citizen}- Brynnafidska: Dal tries it so we DON'T have to.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena nods at Rosuav
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: -{Citizen}- Dalaena: I had a pot lid held out in front
            of me just in case one wanted to shoot backwards at me.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Blown Up Eggs x 2
-{Citizen}- Cais: Hahahaha
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Well, I was smart this time. I put a lid on BEFORE I
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: -{Citizen}- Dalaena: I think that's my biggest kitchen
            -{Citizen}- Dalaena: And that's the last time I ran downstairs
            to "get a few
                        more lines of code in" while I was cooking.
            -{Citizen}- Dalaena: Cause, I could have gotten a lot more than
            a few more
                        lines of code in the time it took me to clean up
            the kitchen.
-{Citizen}- Vyrn: Rosuav!
-{Citizen}- Krysaliss: Oh wow.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: I wasn't coding.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: I was dealing with RP situations.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: RP this time?
-{Citizen}- Rosuav nods
-{Citizen}- Vyrn: We need to get you a steady chick
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Yeah.
-{Citizen}- Krysaliss: RP and cooking do not mix.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: "get a few more lines of RP in" while you were cooking
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: But
-{Citizen}- Vyrn: you have way to much time on your hands.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: The eggs blew the lid off
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: And THIS time, it set off smoke alarms.
-{Citizen}- Gilgamar: This is why Asians should stick to rice
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: So my husband's like trying to fix all of our UPSes
            because the smoke alarm sounds like our UPS. Then we're staring
            at our lights wondering why our UPSes are going off when the
            power's on.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Owwww
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Then I scream, "Oh NO!!!!!!! My eggs!!!"
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: You need to burn toast more often, to be more familiar
            with the sound of a smoke alarm
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: He starts laughing, and he says, "Well, your lid
            didn't get it all." and told our daughter to look around for
            pieces of egg.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: How old is she now?
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: 6
-{Citizen}- Rosuav nods
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: The other one is 2
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: EGGS AGAIN
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: They are my bane
-{Citizen}- Gilgamar: Couple more years and she'll be ready for the nuke
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Wait. No, I refuse to take responsibility. I blame
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Okay Dalaena. Threshold has the answer. I'll port my
            EggTimer program to Windows.
-{Citizen}- Saraellan laughs at Rosuav
-{Citizen}- Gilgamar: You should give everyone in Threshold rotten eggs
            they can throw at each other
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: (Yes. I really do have an EggTimer. You can find it on
            my web site.)
-{Citizen}- Cais: Dal, were they just boiling too long, or did the water
            boil out?
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: The water boiled out
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: So I guess they boiled too long
-{Citizen}- Rileska: Oh.  And.  ASIANS EAT MORE THEN JUST RICE!
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Then they started popping
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: pow pow!
-{Citizen}- Gilgamar: They don't eat eggs
-{Citizen}- Cais: Oh, okay. That makes sense to me.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: Yes, we do
-{Citizen}- Noxul: No we don't!
-{Citizen}- Rileska: YES WE DO!
-{Citizen}- Gilgamar: Only if someone else cooks them
-{Citizen}- Noxul: We eat rice all day every day.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: I suddenly want nagmeun
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Nagmeun being?
-{Citizen}- Maglock: i had dinner with you once Rileska, and all i seen on
            your plate was rice
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: They're deadly. And as a kicker, my husband walks into
            the kitchen after I THINK I have everything under control, and
            an egg explodes and knocks off the lid just to make the
            situation more embarassing.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: Cold noodle soup
-{Citizen}- Rileska smacks Maglock upside the head.
-{Citizen}- Maglock chuckles "hehehehe"
-{Citizen}- Rileska: Next time, I'm teaching your children how to hide toys
            that never shut up
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Rileska, did you say you had some sort of dumb meeting
            instead of ThreshCon?
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Maglock, why were you focussed that intently on her
            plate instead of your own?
-{Citizen}- Maglock: to late
-{Citizen}- Rileska twiddles her thumbs
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Maglock had already finished everything on his plate.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: Crap
-{Citizen}- Rileska: Dal heard
-{Citizen}- Rileska dives for cover
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: After your crazy trip last year, I can't believe
            you're actually going to some meeting instead of attending for
            more than 2 hours.
-{Citizen}- Maglock: actually, my eyes was just slightly above her plate, i
            just noticed the plate
-{Citizen}- Rileska: It's a weding
-{Citizen}- Rileska: wedding
-{Citizen}- Rileska grin dalaena
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Even worse.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: You know, I left at 1am that day to get there
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: No money involved exect spending it.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: except even
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: I'm still frazzled over my eggs and my house smelling
            like burnt eggs.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: Well....if I do show...it'll only be for Sunday
-{Citizen}- Dalaena smacks Rileska upside the head.
-{Citizen}- Rileska sobs uncontrollably.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Then you're missing the big rice dinner.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: No one likes you anymore!!!!!
-{Citizen}- Wyden: Next time I come over I'll show you how to make eggs =)
-{Citizen}- Rileska: I wanted to be there!
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Well, it's not like this happens all the time.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Dal, I presume there's nothing salvageable in the eggs.
            Just grab the pan and fry up a bit of meat - preferably bacon -
            it'll mask the smell with something way nicer.
-{Citizen}- Wyden rocksi n the kitchen
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: TWICE in my whole life.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Or if you have some handy, onion.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Well, I know YOU are skipping ThreshCon to go to some
            dumb meeting, so you're not coming over.
-{Citizen}- Wyden: It's ok. I'll give you some pointers
-{Citizen}- Dalaena jumps up and down on Wyden.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Wyden, I hope they're not NULL pointers
-{Citizen}- Wyden: I'm gonna swing by your area later in August. You better
            be home
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Sorry. My house has been condemned because of an egg
-{Citizen}- Rileska giggles
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Dalaena, any luck with the frying?
-{Citizen}- Rileska: All this talk of rice made me hungry
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Rice? What about the talk of fried onion??
-{Citizen}- Rosuav has no hope of frying onion at 4AM... unless he wants to
            make enough for everyone
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Fried onion?
-{Citizen}- Nephrys: Rosuav, are you on that one sleep plan where you sleep
            for 20 minute intervals a few times a day?
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: That sounds like a garnish, not a meal
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Yep. It's a pleasant smell that pervades the whole
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Fried onion on bread is pretty good.
-{Citizen}- Saraellan: You people like vegemite, I'm not taking any of your
            culinary suggestions
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Neph, I'm on one of those $30 "Cap" plans. If I have
            more than 30 hours of sleep per month, I have to pay for it.
-{Citizen}- Rileska: I want steak
-{Citizen}- Nephrys grins, "Heh heh heh!"
-{Citizen}- Rileska: A big juicy mildly marinated in garlic and balsalmic
            vinegar and grilled lightly steak
-{Citizen}- Gilgamar: ...