Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Mykenna: any Damien Rice fans?
-{Citizen}- Kravenar: I prefer normal rice...
-{Citizen}- Mykenna: harhar
-{Citizen}- Kravenar: Sorry... was just a little too easy
[18:03:07] -{Citizen}- Mykenna: -sigh- just forget it, I forgot how sarcy you all are
[18:03:07]             :P
[18:03:29] -{Citizen}- Mellisande: i havent the slightest of who that is...so no
[18:03:29]             snarky comment from me
[18:03:29] -{Citizen}- Rosuav: Some of us have no idea who Damien Rice is
[18:03:30] -{Citizen}- Kravenar: Okay.. help me out... -WHO- is Damien Rice?
[18:03:42] -{Citizen}- Rosuav: Wooo, three for the price of one!
[18:03:44] -{Citizen}- Kravenar rolls on the floor laughing