Quick find:

-{Citizen}- *KABOOM*
            Aristotle hurls a mighty bolt of lightning from the Aether and it
            speeds toward Arellion with divine speed!

               nuke -d Arellion
               Are you sure you wish to nuke poor Arellion? [y/n] y
               Nuke: Character deleted.

            A pile of sundered ashes lie where the pathetic Arellion once
-{Citizen}- Isaviel lets out a resounding cheer.
-{Citizen}- Isaviel: I want the boots!
-{Citizen}- Isaviel: hehe
-{Citizen}- Isaviel: that was great I haven't seen ashes in a long time

Isaviel stares in horror toward the Aether as he experiences innumerable
physical and mental attacks from the mighty Aristotle. Isaviel's skin
begins to bubble and pop as festering sores open up on his skin from which
pus and other vital fluids begin to ooze. His organs start to heat up and
expand, and onlookers gasp in horror as his body begins to bloat and emit a
rancorous stench.

Isaviel's screams of pain and suffering echo throughout the entire planet,
and you feel your skin crawl and your stomach turn as you too feel a tiny
fraction of the horrific pain Isaviel is enduring. You double over and fall
to the ground from the pain, and worry that your time has come to visit the
land of Mortis permanently...

What is left of Isaviel's beaten and shredded body splatters onto the
ground. Where he once stood, there is now nothing but a disgusting, foul
smelling stain, and a pair of empty, steaming boots.