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   Christmas Tree
> l tree


Oh look! There is a present under the tree with your name on it! (get present)
> get present

You hastily tear the wrapping from your present and inside you find:

        ring of blazes

        10 Platinum Orbs!
-- 20051219: And here's how it looks to the room: (Irae didn't realise that Rizy was joking!)
Rizy hastily tears the wrapping paper from her Christmas gift!
Irae says, "whatcha get!"
You say, "There we go, Rizy gets her gift"
Rizy says, "Wow! I got SCATHER!"
Irae says, "what is a scather?"
You say, "Scather is an artifact silver sword."
You say, "You can find out about it IC... Rosuav's tempered it."
Irae says, "that was good luck for her."