Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Karakorisa: So google makes something for E.C. Segar's
            birthday, but nothing for Pearl Harbor.
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa: Wow.
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa: Don't forget to vote!
-{Citizen}- Telven agrees wholeheartedly with Karakorisa
-{Citizen}- Telven: That's bogus
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa laffs out loud at Noqux!
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa coughs
-{Citizen}- Noqux grins
-{Citizen}- Vizra chuckles
-{Citizen}- Vultus: well, technically, it was yesterday - did they do
            anything then?
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa: Nope.
-{Citizen}- Telven: Still today in my book
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa: I was born in 340.
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa: GODDAMNIT
-{Citizen}- Noqux:  haha
-{Citizen}- Loigan laffs out loud!
-{Citizen}- Telven ponders the situation.
-{Citizen}- Telven smirks in amusement
-{Citizen}- Telven feels really dirty now
-{Citizen}- Telven: Two year olds, bleh
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa: Considering I just started hunting about three
            years ago.
-{Citizen}- Karakorisa emits the most horrifying ARGGGGH!!!!!
-{Citizen}- Vahesian throws his head back and cackles with glee
-{Citizen}- Telven smirks in amusement
-{Citizen}- Zana: chain fails
-{Citizen}- Ysadri: I thought that was odd myself, Kara.