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Rosuav [trivia] Experiment log, 20091223 02:09. Attempting to fry raspberry
Rosuav [trivia] (Soda to you guys in the US. Fizzy drink.)
Rosuav [trivia] Results so far: Smells like jam donut.
Bodriz [trivia] Sounds worth eating to me
Rosuav [trivia] Definitely. Want to drop round? I'll do another for you.
Bodriz [trivia] Catnip: £1.95   Giving catnip to cats: Priceless
Calan [trivia] How do you fry a liquid?
Rosuav [trivia] Calan: With lots of butter.
Rosuav [trivia] I poured some into the skillet, turned it on, and watched.
     After a while, dropped a slice of bread in, otherwise it'd have just
     been boiling the stuff down.
Rosuav [trivia] The bread is still very floppy, so it needs more cooking.
Bodriz [trivia] Floppy
[trivia] Bodriz giggles
[trivia] Rosuav has a questioning look on his face.
Bodriz [trivia] It's a funny word. like Blip
Bodriz [trivia] or flannel
Rosuav [trivia] Floppy == 5.25" or 3.5" disk.
Rosuav [trivia] Blip == right-click.
[trivia] Calan ponders Bodriz's inner being.
Rosuav [trivia] Flannel == ehh, dunno any geeky use of this, it's just that
     clothy material.
[trivia] Rosuav turns the skillet up to hurry things along
Cais [trivia] Are you asserting that flannel isn't a real cloth by claiming
     it's merely, "clothy"?
[trivia] Rosuav shakes his head no at Cais.
Rosuav [trivia] I'm assert(1)ing that I don't know my cloths.
Rosuav [trivia] Sorry, that should be assert(3)ing
Rosuav [trivia] Hrm, problem found. The sugar started to burn before the
     bread crisped up. Next time I'll have to use more butter.
Bodriz [trivia] are you using real butter or not? it wont work if you're
Rosuav [trivia] Real butte.r
Cais [trivia] You shouldn't mix water based substances with fat based
Cais [trivia] At high temperatures.
Rosuav [trivia] Although I usually fry in margarine.
Bodriz [trivia] have you tried virgin oil in the pan?
Rosuav [trivia] Really Cais? You mean it can spit? Strange, that would
     explain the greasy marks all over the stove area.
Rosuav [trivia] Bod, no. I don't usually fry in oil.
Cais [trivia] Yeah, sometimes violently Ros.
Rosuav [trivia] Well, this pink bread is certified 100% edible.
[trivia] Bodriz nods
[trivia] Rosuav nods at Cais
Rosuav [trivia] I know. I'm used to the effects, and have fried fruzzied
     stuff before. It's why I keep a saucepan lid around.
Cais [trivia] Except when you're deglazing a pan, with wine generally.
Rosuav [trivia] (fruzzied == frozen, house slang)
Cais [trivia] But that's a little different.
[trivia] Khaltek deglazes himself with wine
Rosuav [trivia] I call that a successful experiment.
Bodriz [trivia] i'm hungry now
[trivia] Bodriz pouts
Rosuav [trivia] I offered to make you one