Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Loigan: Netflix sent me a bad disk
-{Citizen}- Tathar: That sucks
-{Citizen}- Tyisrisum: Try using liquid soap on the disc, and using a soft
            cloth to dry it off.
-{Citizen}- Tyisrisum: If the disc isn't broken
-{Citizen}- Hendan: it's probably actually cracked or broken, right?
-{Citizen}- Tyisrisum: Possibly not, Hendan. I've had a few that just
            needed cleaning
-{Citizen}- Loigan: Nice Deep Scratch, like someones eye hit the disk
-{Citizen}- Tathar: Use a highlighter marker
-{Citizen}- Tathar: The liquid from the highlighter marker will fill in the
-{Citizen}- Hendan: Seriously? That's cool if it works.
-{Citizen}- Tathar: A year in the sands of Iraq are hard on disk, and we
            found that the markers work well
-{Citizen}- Hobdart: at the least, when you send it back. they'll be able
            to see where the scratch it (cause it's highlighted)