Quick find:

> withdraw -5 danar
Withdraw negative numbers of coins?
Thats very philosophical, but not possible here.

> deposit 0 orb
We dont deal in imaginary currency here.
Please deposit a positive number.

-{Citizen}- Rosuav laffs out loud!
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Try withdrawing or depositing a negative amount of
            money in the bank
-{Citizen}- Aryadne: I'm going out on a limb and guessing there's a spam
            about the Federal Gov't
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Heh, nope.
-{Citizen}- Aryadne: You get a good one if you try to steal from yourself.
-{Citizen}- Rileska giggles
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: I did that with all the psion skills once. Lots of them
            have funny messages when you try them on yourself.
Aryadne peeks down his pants and realizes there is nothing there!
-> Aryadne whimpers.....
-{Citizen}- Rosuav snickers aryand
-{Citizen}- Rosuav snickers aryande
-{Citizen}- Rosuav fails
-{Citizen}- Aryadne: and now I'm standing in public doing just that.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Failing? No, that's my job
-{Citizen}- Lask: comfort rosuav
-{Citizen}- Aryadne: No, trying skills for funny spams