Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Hendan: I also didn't care for [redacted from log] being
            (SPOILER: [also redacted from log])
-{Citizen}- Aristotle: what the fuck
-{Citizen}- Aristotle: how is that a spoiler warning
-{Citizen}- Loigan rolls on the floor laughing
-{Citizen}- Vizra agrees with Aristotle.
... discussion about spoiler etiquette follows...
-{Citizen}- Dalaena bonks Aristotle on the head.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: Sheesh. It's been out for 2 years. It's our fault we
            haven't seen it
Rosuav [court] Admin fight on citizen! Admin bonks admin on the head! Read
     all about it! Extra! Extra!
[court] Loigan gives Rosuav a danar!
[court] Rosuav gives Loigan a paper, with a huge headline on it... and
     nothing of interest in the entire rest of the paper.
Loigan [court] What a Sham!
[court] Rosuav nods
[court] Loigan blasts Rosuav with Wizard's Fire!
[court] Rosuav 's remaining papers get burned up :(
-{Citizen}- Hendan: -_-. I figured anyone who cared had seen it all, and
            anyone who hasn't seen it wouldn't know wtf I was talking
-{Citizen}- Krick: So he is implying the admin doesn't care!
-{Citizen}- Krick glares stonily into space
-{Citizen}- Hendan rolls his eyes at Krick
-{Citizen}- Krick fans the flames
-{Citizen}- Aristotle: but man....... I am still boggling at that spoiler
            warning. why even bother! LOL
-{Citizen}- Aristotle: there was like NO TIME to avert your eyes or
-{Citizen}- Vizra: It was pretty much like, READ THIS!
-{Citizen}- Aristotle: its like "hey guys, ever seen Sixth Sense? No? Well,
            spoiler warning Bruce Willis is dead the whole time"
-{Citizen}- Fynn: Vader is lukes fa(spoiler)ther
-{Citizen}- Aristotle rolls on the floor laughing at Fynn's comment!
-{Citizen}- Aristotle rolls on the floor laughing at Fynn's comment!
-{Citizen}- Hendan twiddles his thumbs
-{Citizen}- Aristotle: Fynn, I'm about to wet myself. That was awesome
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: holy cow. He really is about to wet himself
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: He's laughing so hard he's coughing