Quick find:

You say, "This is the best place to go to sleep."
Raevus says, "That's good to know."
You nod
Raevus chuckles
Raevus says, "I slept in the armory last."
You say, "You'll find beds here, much more comfortable than in the AG...
     and definitely more comfortable than the armory."
You grin
-> Raevus looks around searchingly
Raevus says, "I see no beds."
Raevus says, "Then again, it's hard to see past all these books."
You say, "They're there - some behind the boulder, most full"
You say, "Yeah"
You grin
You say, "If you think about bed, you'll find one."
You say, "That's how we do things in this guild."
You say, "Takes some getting used to, but it's oh! so much easier!"

... later ...

[PSION] Raevus muses: I am bending all thoughts on sleep in a bed, but no bed
        is revealing itself in the library.
Rosuav [heritage] Raevus, all you need to do is 'quit' there and it'll all
     work fine
Rosuav [heritage] Everything else is just a psion RPing out the notion of
     psionics :)
Raevus [heritage] Ohhhh. Well, then.
Raevus [heritage] I might have known. :P
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Have a try - think really hard about sleep
[PSION] Rosuav muses: And then dream of being awake.
[heritage] Rosuav grins
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Goodnight!
[PSION] Raevus muses: Very well.
[MIND] Raevus's mind falls into a temporal stasis...