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Slagathor says, "(So, how many tumbles to move into position to be flanking
    with Ornu?"
Dungeon Master says, "I don't see where you can.  I didn't move Ornu ver well
    for that, did I?  Sorry."
Dungeon Master hmms.
Slagathor says, "Orc 1"
Dungeon Master says, "Unless you  want to jump on a boulder."
Slagathor says, "Full move?"
Slagathor says, "Around the boulder?"
Dungeon Master says, "There's a small boulder where you would need to be."
Dungeon Master hmms.
Slagathor says, "I'll jump on the boulder, are you kidding me?"
Slagathor says, "Bravado!"
Slagathor says, "If you'll let me"
Dungeon Master says, "You could move one north though and then ready an action
    to stab if Ornu moves into position."
Slagathor says, "1 north?"
Slagathor says, "On top of the big boulder?"
Dungeon Master says, "I think tumbling, moving 6, jumping on a boulder and
    attacking all in one move is a bit much."
Dungeon Master says, "No. I mean one north of that small boulder where you
Slagathor says, "I kind of want to fight from the boulder now"
Slagathor says, "Don't I get a bonus?"
You say, "Melee from high ground."
Slagathor says, "I'm fine losing an attack this round"
Celorn says, "For being the same height as them?"
Slagathor shrugs.
Slagathor grins at Celorn.
Celorn laughs.
Dungeon Master says, "Well. There is a bonus for altitude, but like Celorn
Dungeon Master says, "That puts you at eye level with them. =P"
Slagathor says, "So you wouldn't grant me a bonus?"
Slagathor says, "I'm still a small target... just higher?"
Slagathor says, "Your call"
Dungeon Master says, "Fine, I'll give you the altitude bonus, but you would
    lose your attack for this round."
Slagathor says, "Thanks!"
Slagathor says, "Any skill rolls?"
Dungeon Master says, "Tumble to avoid AoO and then jump."
Slagathor tumbles away from combat!
[ROLL] Slagathor (tumble) rolls d20: 6
[ROLL] Slagathor (tumble) adds a bonus of 13
[ROLL] For 1d20+13, Slagathor (tumble) totals: 19
Celorn says, "(Because his normal sword reach is now at thier chest or so, as
    opposed to waist for normal sized people)"
Slagathor takes a run around the giant boulder, vanishing from sight for a
Slagathor suddenly reappears as he LEAPS!
[ROLL] Slagathor (jump!) rolls d20: 17
[ROLL] Slagathor (jump!) adds a bonus of 14
[ROLL] For 1d20+14, Slagathor (jump!) totals: 31
Slagathor tumbles and leaps into position
Slagathor grins.
Dungeon Master says, "..and then a wisdom check for a chance at rethinking it.
Dungeon Master grins.
Dungeon Master says, "Just kidding"
Slagathor says, "Never! Cannonball!"
Slagathor valiantly leaps onto the boulder and taunts the orcs
Slagathor says, "Turn"
Dungeon Master nods.
Dungeon Master says, "Orc 4 moves to flank the mad homicidal halfling."
[ROLL] DMV rolls d20: 3
[ROLL] DMV adds a bonus of 12
[ROLL] For 1d20+12, DMV totals: 15
Dungeon Master says, "He misses."
You tell Slagathor: That is now your title.
Slagathor tells you: What's that?
Slagathor looks at Slagathor the mad homicidal halfling.
Slagathor laughs.
Slagathor grins at you.
Dungeon Master grins at Slagathor.
Slagathor says, "You're terrible"
You grin.
Slagathor says, "Ros did it, I'm going to keep it though"
Celorn says, "It fits."