Quick find:

(He'd done several other things bad, and this was apparently his third character too.)

Fergen says, "then i wont go out of character"
A bolt of lightning suddenly descends from the heavens. It strikes
Fergen in the chest, leaving only a pile of ashes where it once stood.
Fergen stops wielding dueling saber.
Fergen removes leather boots.
Fergen removes simple robe.
-{Citizen}- *KABOOM* %^BOLD%^YELLOW%^
            Aristotle hurls a mighty bolt of lightning from the Aether and it
            speeds toward Fergen with divine speed!
               nuke -d Fergen
               Are you sure you wish to nuke poor Fergen? [y/n] y
               Nuke: Character deleted.

            A pile of sundered ashes lie where the pathetic Fergen once stood.