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-{Citizen}- Aristotle: sweet. I haven't gotten an email like this in a long
-{Citizen}- Aristotle:
            Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 17:48:30 -0800 (PST)
            From: Rhyui Mitsiguri <rakuraisamurai@yahoo.com>
            Subject: hello
            To: threshold@thresholdrpg.com


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-{Citizen}- Aristotle:
                   To: Aristotle
                 From: Tryton
                 Date: Wed Jul 14 16:18:44 1999
              Subject: delete
            just in case you didnt hear me right the first time....your a
            fucking faget, yer game sucks because you cant save yer items, you
            have to pay 200 fucking real dollars when this game is supposed to
            be role playing not out of character just to save yer stuff and
            overall you lose levels when ya die, that is fucking gay as hell
            you white ass bitch. yeah ya are reading this right old timer. if
            you wont fucking bolt me delete me cuz i cant stand this shit ass
            game! i have better things to do with my time
-{Citizen}- Aristotle: this was a bug report:

            Eaoj at Wed Sep  1 19:19:52 1999 in /d/std/create1
            you erased my god damn guy
            his name was rorck
            ass hole
            get him back on
-{Citizen}- Aristotle:
            From:               "mephestotle Devil" <mephestotle@hotmail.com>
            To:                 threshold@threshold-rpg.com
            Subject:            PAYBACK!
            Date sent:          Mon, 29 May 2000 21:08:40 GST

            I got your name on my knife Sir...
            Sleep with both eyes open...
-{Citizen}- Aristotle:
            Hiratio [threshold] hry aristotle, your cool, sucke me dick u
            fucking piece of shit, ur a worhtless asshole with no dick, or
            pride for this fuckig stupid game! HEY YO!!
-{Citizen}- Nizevyn: Wow. And he's still playing, too.
-{Citizen}- Dalaena: omg, serious? Hiratio is playing again.
-{Citizen}- Aristotle: Probably not the same one
-{Citizen}- Sier: May be a different Hiratio
-{Citizen}- Nizevyn: Unless it's a different Hiratio
-{Citizen}- Aristotle:
            Seoknuw [heritage] aristotle are you still up there...
            Dalaena [heritage] He's up there somewhere. Is there something we
            can help you with?
            Seoknuw [heritage] nope just wanted to aks him some questions as he
            killed me :(
            Dalaena [heritage] You might want to mail him then
            Seoknuw [heritage] thanks
            Dalaena [heritage] Killing another newbie is a very bad thing here
            because you're interrupting the learning of other youngsters when
            you do something like that.
            Seoknuw [heritage] i c
            Seoknuw [heritage] even my level has gone down... no fair
-{Citizen}- Aristotle:
            Seoknuw [heritage] to hell with it
            Seoknuw [heritage] go kill yourself ariatotle
            Dalaena [heritage] But it was somehow fair that you killed Amania?
            [heritage] Dalaena ponders Seoknuw's inner being.
            Seoknuw [heritage] its a mistake but this is too much
            Seoknuw [heritage] go play yourself then
            Dalaena [heritage] It wasn't a mistake. You said you killed her
            because she didn't answer you. That's deliberate.
            Seoknuw [heritage] nice meeting u ppl
            Seoknuw [heritage] aristotle r u still there