Quick find:

Rosuav [trivia] We were all waiting to catch the same train. Fortunately
     the trains are very clearly no-smoking.
Tsii [trivia] Yeah, I remember that.
Rosuav [trivia] (So are the platforms, but when a platform's unmanned,
     people tend to ignore the no-smoking legislation.
Rosuav [trivia] Remember?
Tsii [trivia] At least in Sydney the ones I used were.
Rosuav [trivia] Ah.
Tsii [trivia] once I have money again I'd like to return and pop in on one
     of the AusCons
Rosuav [trivia] That'd be good
[trivia] Rosuav hmms
Rosuav [trivia] So where are you at the moment?
Rosuav [trivia] I can't find anything about you in 1.
Tsii [trivia] Pretty much smack-dab middle of US.  You've probably got it
     all under a different char.
Rosuav [trivia] Yeah, probably.
Tsii [trivia] Omaha, NE USA.  "Welcome to the Good Life."
Rosuav [trivia] Well, you have an internet connection. That's a good life.
Tsii [trivia] and only a few hours access each day.  As opposed to when I
     was a programmer and lived online.
Rosuav [trivia] Oh.