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Gaelmaen says to you, "To add to your list of those that should apologize...are
    women. Err.. guess that follows under 'human'. Nevermind."
Daltesh says, "What?"
Gaelmaen says to Daltesh, "In a manner of speaking, I made a joke."
Daltesh says, "Ah, a Gaelmaen joke."
Gaelmaen says to Daltesh, "Yes, Spoc...a Gaelmaen joke."
Gaelmaen says to Daltesh, "Do I need to explain how woman are 'special
    creatures' and not exactly human? (please note the sarcasim. :P)"
You say, "Do I need to explain that Gaelmaen is a 'special creature' and not
    exactly literate?"
You say, "Please note the spelling of sarcasm."
Gaelmaen nods at you.
Gaelmaen says to you, "Yes, sarcasm was spelled in correctly. Thank you."
You say, "Correctly, of course, being a place where nothing is spelled