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Rosuav [trivia] It's quite funny sometimes, mixing fantasy and tech. The
     two fields use a *lot* of the same terms.
Rosuav [trivia] Imagine a conversation about killing daemons.
Tsarvald [trivia] You mean there's a difference?
Rosuav [trivia] There is; one of them is where you tell stories about
     make-believe worlds "where the impossible becomes the every-day", and
     the other is a literary genre that's been popular for centuries.
Rosuav [trivia] And that joke could be made a lot better.
Tsarvald [trivia] With time, yes, but I could afford the rough-hewn joke
     better than the lost time.
Rosuav [trivia] I am of the opinion that the line "worlds where the
     impossible becomes the every-day" belongs in tech.
Rosuav [trivia] After all, Belle _is_ a geek.
Tsarvald [trivia] So was Ariel!
Rosuav [trivia] Ehh, not so sure there.
Tsarvald [trivia] Remember her collection of surface tech?
Rosuav [trivia] Yes, but not all collectors are geeks.
Tsarvald [trivia] Well she was trying to figure out how to make them
Rosuav [trivia] True
Tsarvald [trivia] Which makes her a hardware hacker.
Rosuav [trivia] Point.
Rosuav [trivia] Yeah, okay. I'll accept Ariel as somewhat geeky. Geekiness
     isn't binary, after all.
Rosuav [trivia] And that last sentence would be awesome out-of-context.
Tsarvald [trivia] I was just typing that I hoped you'd save it for