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 Rank          Title                                                  Status
 [Elder Mind ] Rosuav is a spork. [CPC]                                aware  
 [psion      ] Tsarvald is a Spock.                                    aware  
 [psion      ] Cinait is a spark.                                      aware  
 [neuron     ] Fremtuh is a speck.                                     aware  


[PSION] Cinait muses: Well interesting. I used to be a speck.
[PSION] Cinait grins
[PSION] Cinait muses: Only the most elite of the social class reside in the
        psions guild, and it is because of trends like this that we maintain
        such an elusive reputation.
[PSION] Fremtuh smirks in amusement
[PSION] Rosuav agrees wholeheartedly.
[PSION] Tsarvald muses: Didn't we all start as a spunk?
[PSION] Cinait smirks in amusement
[PSION] Tsarvald muses: And end as a spook?