Quick find:

Sue [ooc] Forward, as a note, we do /not/ need dragon skin.
Ilynaer [ooc] there wasn't any secret doors, were there?
Zivaad [ooc] None that I found... and I looked where I've been
DMR [ooc] We do not? No druids wanting armor?
Sue [ooc] None, and if they do... I'll kill them.
2012-07-01 12:05:03 Ilynaer [ooc] There's hadarai.
2012-07-01 12:05:09 Hadarai arrives.
You say, "Here's Hadarai."
[ooc] Hadarai waves.
Ilynaer [ooc] see. told you!
[ooc] Ilynaer cackles
You say, "They were just talking about you."
Zivaad [ooc] Hi Had
Ilynaer [ooc] Littlerly, I said your name abotu 2 seconds before you came on