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faq        - The Threshold RPG FAQ

Also see http://rosuav.com/1/?recent=1 for entries sorted by how recently they were added (which is separate from the date on the entry, which is the date it happened).

Regus [trivia] MudRammer sounds familiar. What are we breaking?
Rosuav [trivia] It wants to parse semicolons as command separators
Alumsaye [trivia] semi colon makes it start a new line
Regus [trivia] Cog top left
Regus [trivia] advanced
Regus [trivia] Command seperateor
Regus [trivia] There is an option to turn it off under the exact same place

To leave your deity, see 'help forsake'.

To list members of your clan:

> clan all

Don't worry, this won't say "all" to your clan :)

-{Citizen}- Izen: Anyone know if there's an up button on Blowtorch so I
            don't have to type it again?
-{Citizen}- Karahd: Izen, there is an arrow
-{Citizen}- Cultha: http://db.tt/31veAhim
-{Citizen}- Cultha: that rectangle thing
-{Citizen}- Izen: The blue arrows in the rectangle box reveal/hide the
            up/down/enter keys
-{Citizen}- Cultha: above the keypad are four buttons  the one one the
            right hides/shows the three on the left

Sadi [question] is the location of the shrine of the Aether area under help
Sadi [question] can you tell people how to get there?
Kaiva [question] Hi folks.  The STEA weighs in here:  It is acceptable to
     note the general location of the Shrine of the Aether.  You can also
     bring people to it.

Unnickname with a backslash:

unnickname \foo

See also 'help nickname'

Distinguish between meals (feast, picnic, breakfast) and other food with:

> put meal in pouch

There's no simple way to enumerate non-meal food, but this will allow 'eat food' to eat a non-meal (if you have one) and 'eat meal' to eat a meal.

(NOTE: As of 2016, this is no longer necessary. 'eat food' will now skip meals. However, the same technique can be used in other ways.)

Stack similar objects on each other with this alias:

alias sta stack $* on $* 2

With thanks to Grythael for the idea!

(Note that you can use 'stack all' when you don't need to discriminate. Even easier but moves things up in your inventory rather than down.)

To load your mount's saddlebags:
> give <item> to <mount>

To unload:
> mount give all to <yourname>
> mount give all coins to <yourname>

You must be dismounted to use these commands.

To leave the Thrace battlefield, type:

> chicken out

To get your horse to board a boat:

> mount board boat