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 Rank          Title                                                  Status
 [Guildmaster] Gorn is always watching and listening.                  aware  
 [Cortex     ] Rosuav wonders on. [CPC]                                aware  
 [Savant     ] Chaldron is on the bright side of Life.                 aware  
 [psion      ] Ailise, Ender of Worlds                                focussed
 [psion      ] Kiyaneh the cold and sleepy.                            aware  
 [neuron     ] Irisu Idiot savant                                      aware  

[PSION] Chaldron muses: The cold doesn't match, better would be the sleepy
[PSION] Chaldron winks
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Ehh, her current title's fine. Maybe some disagree, but
        "the cold" never bothered me, anyway.