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Feric [trivia] Who here knows anything about Windows Media Player?
Rosuav [trivia] I know it's annoying and I avoid it in favour of VLC.
Griswyl [trivia] I know you need to use VLC
[trivia] Rosuav gives Griswyl a high-five!
Kiyaneh [trivia] I've used it but I'd rather use VLC
Feric [trivia] Hmm
Kiyaneh [trivia] Why do you ask?
Feric [trivia] I'm trying to view a video I have, and it keeps talking
     about not having a proper codec or something.
Rosuav [trivia] Get VLC
[trivia] Feric grumbles
[trivia] Kiyaneh agrees wholeheartedly with Rosuav
Rosuav [trivia] (Are you sensing a bit of a theme here?)
Griswyl [trivia] http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.en_GB.html
Feric [trivia] Thanks. Hopefully this will work
Rosuav [trivia] It usually does.
... pause ...
Feric [trivia] Seems to have solved my problems. Thanks guys