Quick find:

You say, "You get up the next morning and explore this charming township."
You say, "It's not huge, though it's certainly bigger than a village."
Chadur [ooc] Is there a library?
Thor [ooc] yay! lets burn the books!
You say, "There is a library on the main road, with a huge stone book on its
    facade. The headboard identifies this as the Department of Law and
    Mythology, and shows that it is now open."
Chadur goes in and looks up the Powerhouses Charter
You say, "Inquiries are taken to a Research Assistant, and if s/he can't help
    you, they will be passed along to a Senior Research Assistant, and thence
    to a Researcher, a Senior Researcher, and finally on to the Research
You say, "Your query results in a series of complicated gestures at some arcane
    device, which spits out a five-digit number."
Chadur [ooc] Dewey-decimal number?
DMR [ooc] Maybe. Could be Huey-Hexadecimal or Louie-Octal too.
Research Assistant says, "I know where we have to go!"
You say, "He leads you to a place of ancient books, several of them written in
    some kind of runic language. You take down a copy of the Powerhouses
    Charter and open it - it's all runes, you can't read any of it."
You say, "But as you open it, out falls a folded map, which unfolds and lands
    on the floor."
Chadur opens up the map.
You say, "It shows a path through some mountains, and finally has a big X
    marking a destination."
You share http://lingaspect.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/troll-map.png
You say, "But I don't think you need the image to know what this map looks like"
Chadur asks the Assistant where the map is showing.
You say, "The assistant has no idea what you're talking about, doesn't care
    anyway, has completed his contractual duty, and returns to his desk to
    watch cat videos on the fantasy equivalent of Youtube."