Quick find:

-{Citizen}- Daekyn puts on sunglasses and goes outside at night in the
            freezing cold to sit on a lawn chair and enjoy his ice cream
-{Citizen}- Gesslar: and is better with ketchup
-{Citizen}- Mylana: So much better.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: The cold never... ahem.
-{Citizen}- Daekyn projectile vomits yellow, orange, and other multi-hued
-{Citizen}- Larenth: with one of those mirror-thingies that people use to
            reflect the sun at their face?
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: And a dab of sun screen on my nose
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: One of these, Larenth?
-{Citizen}- Larenth: scary that you were ready with that picture....
-{Citizen}- Larenth: >.>
-{Citizen}- Rosuav nods
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: I am scary.
-{Citizen}- Gesslar: sunscreen = ketchup
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: Once mastered, those who employ google-fu can be
            unnaturally fast
-{Citizen}- Rosuav agrees wholeheartedly with Daekyn
-{Citizen}- Gesslar: once *mustard
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: The novice dodges the Google.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: The apprentice calls upon the Google for help.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: The master embraces the Google and is the Google.
-{Citizen}- Daekyn grabs Gesslar by the shoulders and shakes him. "WHAT IS
-{Citizen}- Larenth: he grew up in a Google-Shu monestary where they taught
            him all the evil secrets of Googling
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: And Larenth, there are no evil secrets of Googling.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: That is their policy.
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: The Google-Fu master will tell you to snatch the
            youtube link from his hand
-{Citizen}- Mylana: Daekyn, Gesslar mayo may not be trolling you.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Food for thought, Mylana...
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: I've definitely heard worscestershire.
-{Citizen}- Gesslar: definitely relish our bacon forths
-{Citizen}- Mylana: aaaahaha
-{Citizen}- Mylana hugs Daekyn
-{Citizen}- Mylana: have you tried ketchup in coffee yet?
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: I would probably continue this conversation, but I
            don't want to encourage you when you're clearly fishing for
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: Did you know that the bird is the word? He heard. She
            heard.. I'm sure you mustard.
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: Look, I started a bit behind in this pun war. Gettin
            kinda tired of playing ketchup.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Yeah, and trying to stop all the different puns is like
            playing guacamole.
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: We should b-ranch out. Puns should be less chees-y and
            more grave-y.
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: This is america. We put ranch, cheese, and gravy on
            everything. Shuddap.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: I think you're beating the dead-horse here.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Which is a form of payback, in that I don't think you
            call it that over there.
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: (At the risk of explaining the joke, "dead horse" is
            Aussie slang for tomato sauce.)
-{Citizen}- Larenth: I think that last citizen should get moved to trivia
-{Citizen}- Rosuav: Larenth, that sounds like a spot of
-{Citizen}- Daekyn: Heading back to the 90's, I would say that anything
            involving a horse is, while not quite tubular, it is at least
            somewhat raddish.