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[PSION] Rosuav peers quizzically at Kiyaneh
[PSION] Kiyaneh peers quizzically at Rosuav
[PSION] Aenoa muses: peer Aenoa
[PSION] Aenoa peers quizzically at herself
[PSION] Keiko peers quizzically at Tamlia
[PSION] Tamlia peers hotness over the lands
[PSION] Aenoa muses: The Psion guild Everybody!
[PSION] Keiko muses: ...I see a psionic staring contest isn't what it seems to
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: Yes, it isn't how it a-peers
[PSION] Kiyaneh giggles at her own joke.
[PSION] Keiko muses: ...
[PSION] Tamlia muses: If only there was peer-to-peer matches
[PSION] Keiko muses: peer-to-peer staring contests?
[PSION] Tamlia muses: That would be appering.
[PSION] Tamlia muses: Err. Apeering. Hang on I can do this.
[PSION] Tamlia giggles
[PSION] Keiko muses: Apurring?
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: That sounds purrfect.
[PSION] Tamlia muses: Might be a meowful
[PSION] Keiko muses: I heard those staring contests can get pretty catty.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: I thought I herd a punning contest happening...
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: It always seems like I'm going to lose punning
        contests, but I claw my way back
[PSION] Keiko muses: I'll claw your back
[PSION] Keiko muses: I mean what?
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: Please
[PSION] Aenoa giggles
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Let's stick to puns, not threats. The whole kitten
        caboodle of violence is unnecessary.
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: Threat? I hoped it was a promise.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Ah, that's alright then. No claws for alarm.
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: Anyway. You're pun-ctual as ever with your jokes,
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Thank you, Kiyaneh. It's purrly a matter of timing.
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: Where did Keiko go? Did somebody whisk-er away?
[PSION] Keiko muses: I'm just not feeling very punny.
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: It's okay, we're here fur you.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Though if you do feel like contributing, I'm sure you'll
        find it very rewording.
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: Agreed. None of us Mind puns here.
[PSION] Keiko muses: Does that count?
[PSION] Aenoa muses: But please be thoughtful
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Most of us are fairly full of our own thoughts... or
        full of ourselves, it's sometimes hard to distinguish.
[PSION] Keiko muses: It does take a heightened awareness to know the
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Aye. It'd be quite the ego-whip to realize that your
        thoughts are empty.
[PSION] Aenoa muses: You guys should probably get some feedback on your jokes
[PSION] Keiko muses: I was just thinking the same thing!  It's like we're
        twins!  How haunting is that?
[PSION] Aenoa muses: What can I say. I can detect minds
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: Haunting? Don't panic, it's probably just just a dream
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Thanks Aenoa, but I don't know that anyone knows better
        how psions ought to conduct ourselves.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: We do have quite a focus on language here, which is
        always a good thing. It's like one big group mind.
[PSION] Aenoa muses: You guys really want to cannibalize these jokes don't
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Yeah, sorry about that, Aenoaa. We're running on
        inertial now, can't be stopped.
[PSION] Keiko muses: No one finds this agitating?
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: As long as nobody loses their temper, we'll be okay.
[PSION] Aenoa muses: well if you carry on, I might just start getting a temper
[PSION] Aenoa muses: Hahahah
[PSION] Kiyaneh gives Aenoa a high-five!
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Ahh, such timing. I love your precision!
[PSION] Aenoa hi5 kiyaneh
[PSION] Keiko muses: I don't get it.  Maybe I'm just dense...
[PSION] Rosuav muses: It's like you're twins!
[PSION] Aenoa muses: You just need to gaze deeper at the meaning
[PSION] Tamlia muses: If only I had the influence here to whip my ego back
        into the purification process.
[PSION] Keiko muses: I'll just thrust my mind as deep as it can go.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: We're stuck here now. There's no going back. We can't
        control the curse!
[PSION] Kiyaneh peers quizzically at Keiko

[PSION] Tamlia muses: Time to hammer out the mindlink.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Kiyaneh, this is nothing but a projection of your own
[PSION] Aenoa muses: it'll take a memory wipe to forget this.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: I could spare you the pain of all this with an enhanced
        memory wipe, but then you might not know you have powers.
[PSION] Rosuav nods at Aenoa
[PSION] Rosuav gives Aenoa a high-five!
[PSION] Aenoa muses: Hahah
[PSION] Aenoa muses: I'm on fire today
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: Careful you don't incinerate yourself
[PSION] Keiko muses: That was a cold incinerate joke, Kiyaneh.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Keiko, the use of ice has its advantages. It's
        structured all along a hex.
[PSION] Aenoa muses: I'll just freezedry myself insted Kiyaneh
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: We can probably net ourselves a few more jokes before
        we run out.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: We should be able to detect some life in the old puns
[PSION] Keiko muses: You're totally losing me.  Could someone please interpret
        him for me?
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Keiko, you could cheat and pick up a scroll to read.
[PSION] Keiko muses: Eh, I'd lose my gaze.
[PSION] Aenoa muses: I'm just waiting for this whole conversation to detonate
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: The weight of all these psychic puns are crushing me
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Aenoa, that won't happen soon, you'll get far warning.
[PSION] Aenoa muses: On a side note. 5 fish caught in a row.
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: What are you, a neurosturgen?
[PSION] Aenoa muses: Now these jokes are a whole new can of worms
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: You're just trying to bait us into more puns aren't
[PSION] Rosuav muses: I hope they're full-sized jokes, Aenoa, not the little
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: You cod have given us some warning!
[PSION] Aenoa muses: You fell for it hook link and sinker.
[PSION] Keiko muses: I'm certainly hooked.
[PSION] Mylana grunts
[PSION] Aenoa muses: Just need to reel you in now
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Mylana's wishing she could be cast far from here.
[PSION] Mylana muses: Yes.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Give us some slack, it's not all THAT often we tug your
[PSION] Kiyaneh muses: This is a punning contest of epic portions.
[PSION] Keiko muses: Come on, Rosuav, show some respect to your Elders.
[PSION] Mylana muses: It is just noise.
[PSION] Rosuav muses: Alright. I'm calling an end to this. We can filet this
        under 'P' for puns, and never look on it again.