Quick find:

Milliana [ooc] Okay let's see how close I can get to this guy.
DMR [ooc] Right on top, but he'll AOO you into next week
Milliana [ooc] Hmmm...jump kick?
Milliana [ooc] Oh what the hell? I'm feeling lucky...or crazy...
DMR [ooc] Awesome!
[ooc] Idarafain places bets.
You say to Idarafain, "500 gold pieces on the cultist."
Quetanskel [ooc] Uh-oh. When Idarafain starts betting... actually things
    sometimes go amazingly well.
Quetanskel [ooc] On the other hand, when the DM starts betting...
Milliana rushes at the hobgoblin before suddenly jumping and aiming the
    dreaded Boot to Da Head!
DMR [ooc] Das Boot?
[ooc] Dungeon Master drops a coin in the reference jar with a CLINK.
[ooc] Dungeon Master drops a coin in the pun jar with a CLINK.
Milliana [ooc] Shall I roll a jump check for this?
Milliana [ooc] Eh here we go
[ROLL] Milliana (jump) rolls d20: 5
[ROLL] Milliana (jump) adds a bonus of 6
[ROLL] For d20+6, Milliana (jump) totals: 11
Milliana [ooc] Not much height on it...but it is a running start.
[ROLL] Milliana (Boot to Da Head!) rolls d20: 9
[ROLL] Milliana (Boot to Da Head!) adds a bonus of 11
[ROLL] For d20+11, Milliana (Boot to Da Head!) totals: 20
Milliana [ooc] Oops.
Milliana [ooc] Missed ma kick...hmmm...is the cultist laughing badly enough
    that he can't focus?
[ooc] Dungeon Master laughs lightly, "hehehe".
You say, "Milliana sails through the air like an eagle..."
You say, "... piloting a blimp."
You drop a coin in the reference jar with a CLINK.