Quick find:

You say, "Now's not really a good time for finding people"
You say, "Only weird ones like us are awake"
Pandrel nods
Twimbleflick says to Catfolk, "Well, since I *totally* want to avoid the
     weird ones, who are you?"
Twimbleflick says, "I am Twimbleflick, the bard."
Pandrel says, "I'm nobody"
Twimbleflick says, "Well that's not a name."
You say, "Sure it is"
You say, "For a long time, Nobody was a churchmate of mine"
Pandrel says, "and on the boats, Nobody rides for free."
You say, "Frequently, Nobody is awake in the psions guild apart from me."
Twimbleflick says, "You're taking a story centuries old and repurposing it
     for right now."
Pandrel says, "nobody's doing that"
You say, "You could call him Pandrel if you like."
Twimbleflick says, "if you don't want to talk about your name, I guess
     that's fine."
Pandrel says to Rosuav, "but what would Pandrel think about that, confusing
     him with nobody?"
You say to Pandrel, "Nobody would confuse you with Pandrel"
Twimbleflick says, "I guess psions are huge about mental funnygames?"
You say to Twimbleflick, "Nobody enjoys mindgames more than I do"
Pandrel says, "it's true"
Pandrel leaves south.
You say, "Nobody is more interested in this conversation than I, but I'm
     going to disappear for a bit."
<leave, come back a short while later>
You say to Pandrel, "After you and I left, was Nobody here with
Pandrel says to Rosuav, "I wasn't here. I won't be here.Was the kestrel
     here? Nobody knows."
You say, "Though Joe might have kicked him out. Nobody dislikes coffee."