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Vivoria whispers: It would appear I am third in favor this cycle. Well
     done, my worshippers. Representative of my church: Let your words
     reach out to all of your kind, throughout the Threshold of this world.
     Speak what you wish.

Dainn [threshold] The Church of Vivoria thanks the Goddess of Healing and
     Life for all her gifts. For ourselves, we ask nothing. For the people
     of the realm, we humbly request that those who pay tribute to Vivoria
     by praying in the narthex receive enhanced regenerative healing or a
     similar blessing for a period of time. This will serve to remind
     mortals of your generousity and gifts you bestow upon us as they pay
     tribute to Her.

Vivoria whispers: This is a wonderful request. I will decide exactly how
     much power I intend to channel towards this, but once I have made the
     decision, all mortals who pray in the narthex of my temple will
     receive temporary health regeneration as they are filled with the
     Blessing of my Countenance. This will last until the next reset of

Tempest booms: At long last, my church has achieved my nearly rightful
     place. Well done, Tempestians. Speak your wish.

Impediores [threshold] God of War, Your recognition gives us, Your
     warriors, pride beyond measure. While our brainstorming was
     resourceful, our discussions and careful planning led us to the
     following deliberation: we believe that our celebration for this
     moment must be decorated by a realm-wide Tempestian boon, whereas
     adventurers across the realm would feel Your blessing at the end of
     each battle and - if you would so gracefully accept - gain more
     knowledge, should they overcome their challenge. Tradesmen would also
     learn more from their craft.

Tempest booms: An interesting request. I am hesitant, because it sounds
     more like a request for personal power than the aggrandizement of my
     name, and it also doesn't feel terribly Tempestian, but this one time
     I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Approximately 6 weeks hence,
     for a period of 6 weeks, I will bless the land with a boon to the
     knowledge they learn from combat and crafting.

System message from Aristotle at Mon Oct  9 22:34:24 2017:
Double XP weekend...

October 13-16.

Courtesy of Tempest :P

Impediores [threshold] Thank you, God of War. Praise Tempest!

Tempest booms: But for the Gethsemanites... Nothing.

System message from Aristotle at Mon Oct  9 22:36:42 2017:
Except for Geths

Impediores [threshold] Forges around the world, let your steam roar from
     within, let your anvils play the tune of crushed, harnessed steel.
     Brace your shields, Warriors, and raise your blades, for the God of
     War has spoken. Grounds break and shatter before Him, He whose Word is
     resolute, determined and absolute.

Tempest booms: Tempestians, I am only disappointed in you for two things
     this cycle. 1) That I am not first. 2) That I had to do the obvious
     thing for you. Your request should have excluded Geths in the first

Impediores [threshold] The Mortisians have proven to be worthy adversaries.
     We have prepared to thwart them next cycle.

Lord Mortis whispers: Well, well. I find myself in an all too familiar and
     wonderful position. Is a representiative of the most favored church
     ready to speak once more?

Varlux [threshold] For countless years at the mere whisper of your name,
     people recoiled in fear. As Your clergy moved throughout the realm,
     they were met with fearful resistance. The sight of Your glorious
     symbol sent icy chills up spines. Ignorance of Your Glory and Your
     teachings ran rampant in the realm and sadly the people lived in fear
     of You. However, this day we rejoice as the winds of change blow
     through the realm and Your words and glory are brought into a new
     light. A light of understanding and comprehension of the splendor of
     Your gifts and teachings.
Varlux [threshold] While Your faithful stand in great appreciation of the
     boon You are offering, we live only to serve You. We serve not for
     reward or gifts. We serve simply for our devotion and faith in You. We
     serve because it is who we are and requires no reward for following
     our feet to Your throne and Your glory. All we hope for as your humble
     servants is when You turn Your gaze upon us that we prove worthy in
     Your eyes.
Varlux [threshold] As such, Your devoted ask nothing for ourselves as we
     already have everything we need in You. We instead humbly ask to grant
     this boon upon the entirety of the realm. If it pleases You my Lord, I
     humbly request that for a time of Your choosing, Your devout may call
     upon Your name, to flood Your power throughout the realm, healing the
     sick and wounded, and refreshing the weary. That they should know Your
     power and glory, and Your wish for us, to live a fulfilled life here
     before accepting Your eternal embrace into Your kingdom.
Varlux [threshold] May all come to find comfort in Your name and the
     comfort in death and Your final embrace. For Death... Is the
     inevitable and ultimate truth. It is a war that no being can win. No
     amount of rage can withstand it. No magic can defeat it. The night
     cannot hide from it. Love cannot overcome it. It is the ultimate
     freedom from any pain or vice. The perfect home against all weather.
     Be it the cold bitter of winter or the warmth of summer. Death is life
[threshold] Proclamation from the Church of Gethsemane:
     We trust our good friend and the one responsible for bringing back
     Gethsemane int he first place, the humble priest Impediores, will join
     us in noit sharing Tempest's boon! United together again, Impy and the

Lord Mortis whispers: I applaud your reasonining but that really is not my
     domain, and is in fact specifically the domain of another deity,

Varlux [threshold] I am humbled my Lord and sought only to enlighten those
     who would not understand Your desire for us to come to You after a
     fulfilled life.
Varlux [threshold] As such, If it should please You my Lord, I would ask
     that all mortals may share for a length of time of Your choosing the
     connection to Your greatness as we do. That they may fall upon their
     knees and reach out in prayer to You, at any point and any location as
     Your devoted faithful can so they may give the praise, worship, and
     prayer deserving of You.
Varlux [threshold] That those who may be to sick to travel or wounded on
     the field of battle to survive, or the like may thank You in a
     personal way, for the grand gift they are about to recieve for You.

Lord Mortis whispers: Sorry, I almost died myself from boredom from
     pondering that request. You are in 1st place. Can't you do better?

Varlux [threshold] My Lord, forgive Your humble servant who falls short of
     Your glory, if I might ask for one more thing, if You see it right to
     allow such

Varlux [threshold] as of late, the realm has been plague'd of invasions
     upon our cities. May have fallen in defense of these cities. Needless
     slaughter from forces working against us. I humbly ask that a boon be
     granted to all the realm, that while we defend the cities, those who
     fall in battle may be free from the suffering of returning to this
     realm. This boon will be given to all people of the realm save me. i
     shall abstain from this gift, in pentance of falling short before You
     my Lord.

Lord Mortis whispers: I love invasions. No.

Jiawyn [threshold] My Lord, the Tempestians have challenged us. While we
     are more than capable of maintaining Your position, pray, have our
     fires burn twice as hot for one season, so we may sacrifice to Your
     glory twice as fast. Have them eat their words to think they could
     ever take top favor from this congregation.

Lord Mortis whispers: Well, well now... I like the spirit of competition. I
     will make the Fires of Sacrifice burn faster, but twice as hot might
     be too demoralizing for the others. Perhaps... hmm... one quarter
     hotter. We don't want the weaker churches to feel like it is hopeless.
     Even though history seems to show it pretty much is.

Lord Mortis whispers: The gauntlet is thrown down. The Battle for Favor
     begins anew. Remember that this cycle will be slightly shorter than
     the last few, due to cosmic patterns that fluctuate occasionally.

Lord Mortis whispers: Due to the advantage my church has, and the challenge
     they have put forth, if I finish third or worse, I will instead grant
     no boon to my church and instead will enact a penance upon them.