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Clerks of Sable and Thrace [threshold] The Three Groupings for Clan
      Viam Vitae
      Sodal'itas Aeternus
      Kursik's Voyagers
      Any and all other clans.
Clerks of Sable and Thrace [threshold] That completes this year's clan
     dominance Audience. The King and Emperor have already set forth their
     challenges for next year. Good luck!

Vyrn [threshold] Thank you Big Daddy Borgia! You're the best King a dwarf
     could have!

The Emperor of Thrace gives everyone in the empire bountiful feast

[threshold] Enthen exclaims, "BE IT KING BORGIA's WILL!"

King Borgia gives everyone in the kingdom tankard of Green Griffon Ale

[threshold] Jibrael declares, "BY THE GRACE OF EMPEROR RENDEL!"
[threshold] Ketazara declares, "BY THE GRACE OF EMPEROR RENDEL!"
[threshold] Aleric declares, "BY THE GRACE OF EMPEROR RENDEL!"
[threshold] Sunda declares, "BY THE GRACE OF EMPEROR RENDEL!"
[threshold] Niobe declares, "BY THE GRACE OF EMPEROR RENDEL!"
[threshold] Aleric exclaims, "BE IT KING BORGIA's WILL!"
Ketazara [threshold] LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR!!
Enthen [threshold] Disrepectful
[threshold] Sunda exclaims, "BE IT KING BORGIA's WILL!"
[threshold] Govahn exclaims, "BE IT KING BORGIA's WILL!"
Enthen [threshold] The King gifts even the thracians and this is how he is
Ketazara [threshold] Apparently when the Emperor gives everyone food we
     cannot praise the grace of our emperor now?
Enthen [threshold] I apologize I missed such a gift
Ketazara [threshold] Perhaps you should learn to pay attention before
     running your mouth then.
Enthen [threshold] Hmmmmm....
Enthen [threshold] Perhaps I should.

Belphegore bellows: You're just going to take that insult, Enthen? Fire
     back. Don't let facts get in the way. Facts are for pussies.

[threshold] Ketazara throws her head back and cackles with glee
Toron [threshold] PRAISE BE TO BELPHEGORE!!!
Ketazara [threshold] PRAISE TO THE LORD OF FIRE!!
Enthen [threshold] I apologize Lord Belphegore, but a wise man must admit
     when he is wrong

Belphegore bellows: Wisdom is for pussies.

Loviatar roars: ?

Everon [threshold] Only the wise learn from their actions and triumph in
     the end
[PSION] Scipio groans
Ydyl [threshold] And this is how the Gorian faith was put to rest, before.
Toron [threshold] Only the battle tested learn and triumph in the end!

Bast echoes: Erosia is 10th place and I am dominant. When does the triumph
     happen, Enthen?

              Bast smiles upon the realm of Threshold and, in her            
              divine benevolence, bestows healing upon the realm!            

Khalid [threshold] praise our Lady Bast!
Sahduin [threshold] Praise be to the Lady of Pleasure!


       Tempest has become the most favored religion throughout Threshold!      


Yubae [threshold] Praise Bast!
Enthen [threshold] This will not remain so Lady Bast. I promise You this

Tempest booms: You were saying?

Yanda [threshold] Praise be to Tempest!

Bast echoes: More than happy to snuggle up with you, Tempest. I'll enjoy
     being right beneath you for a bit, though I look forward to climbing
     back on top of you soon.

Ketazara [threshold] Oh believe me, We will have Lord Belphegore leading
     again as we did Last week. I will be sure of this!
Ketazara [threshold] Glory will be to the Lord of Fire!
[threshold] Ketazara throws her head back and cackles with glee

Kylamane whispers: Oh no, it's retarded...

Ketazara [threshold] Come, Let us Warm you by our Fires
Vashlynn [threshold] Don't worry, Ketazara, Her ice will kill your fire.
[threshold] Ketazara throws her head back and cackles with glee
Ketazara [threshold] You do live up to the title of 'Hopeful' don't you?
Aleric [threshold] when the fires burn down in the middle of the night, our
     lady kylamane will be there to embrace you in the chilled breeze
     underneath the moon.
Enthen [threshold] Everybody love everyone... common guys
[threshold] Yubae sticks her finger in her mouth, making sick, gagging
Sunda [threshold] Everyone is welcome by the warm hearthfires of Herastia!
Vashlynn [threshold] Love....seems like a distraction.
Ketazara [threshold] Our fires will rage on, Aleric. Will warm you and fill
     you with vigor to rush into the heat of battle to bathe in the blood
     of your enemies!


        Bast has become the most favored religion throughout Threshold!        


Vashlynn [threshold] I would like to see how well your little flame holds
     up in the middle of a blizzard when more than just your 'rage' is
     being tested.
Aleric [threshold] and we'll slip in the dead of the night to fill your
     hearts with the ice of winter, to allow the moon light to glint off
     our blades as we so sweetly take the life and drain it away with
     little care to the emotion that you so loudly thrive upon.

Bast echoes: And there I am, riding on top yet again. How's the view Lord

Tempest booms: I cannot complain about the view. But if you want me
     satisfied, that will only be possible when I am once more mounted in
     my rightful place.

Ketazara [threshold] At the bottom of the pile? Good to know.


Ketazara stares in horror toward the Aether as she experiences innumerable
physical and mental attacks from the mighty Tempest. Ketazara's skin begins
to bubble and pop as festering sores open up on her skin from which pus and
other vital fluids begin to ooze. Her organs start to heat up and expand,
and onlookers gasp in horror as her body begins to bloat and emit a
rancorous stench.

Ketazara's screams of pain and suffering echo throughout the entire planet,
and you feel your skin crawl and your stomach turn as you too feel a tiny
fraction of the horrific pain Ketazara is enduring. You double over and
fall to the ground from the pain, and worry that your time has come to
visit the land of Mortis permanently...

What is left of Ketazara's beaten and shredded body splatters onto the
ground. Where she once stood, there is now nothing but a disgusting, foul
smelling stain, and a pair of empty, steaming boots.


Yanda [threshold] Glory to Lord Tempest!

Belphegore bellows: Hmmm. Maybe sometimes wisdom should prevail. Like when
     mortals think about sassing gods.

Ydyl [threshold] Begging of pardons, Lord Belphegore, White Lady, Honored
     Tempest. Am shamed for my peoples and beg humble pardon for the hubris
     in addressing your divinity so freely.